At Wood Doctor, our knowledge of the different timber flooring species coupled with our installation and sanding system, will give you a solid floor that will last a lifetime.

Together with our high quality WD water-borne adhesive and coatings, your timber floors will be beautiful, durable and easy-to-maintain.

Wood Doctor uses a unique floor treatment that gives your wooden flooring a natural, untreated look and feel while providing a degree of protection for your daily activities.


Eco-friendly wood Heveatech

Heveatech excellent performance is why Heveatech is the preferred green choice for natural outdoor wood floor decking for architects, designers, builders and property proprietors.

Outdoor decking is exposed to harsh weather and tough elements. Decking material must be able to withstand these challenges. Heveatech Decking is developed, tested and proven to withstand these challenges.

Introduction of Wood Doctor Holding Pte Ltd


Established in 2009, Wood Doctor Holding Pte Ltd is a solid timber flooring company that specializes in the supply and installation of premium and exotic hardwood flooring for both indoors and outdoors. Funded by The Enterprise Fund, Wood Doctor has got the financial capability to handle large-scale projects. We are the selected timber flooring company for major projects at Ritz Carlton Residences, Bellerive at Keng Chin, Amber Residences, Rodyk 8 at Robertson Quay, Greenvale at Sembawang and Hamilton Scotts. In May 2011, Wood Doctor has been awarded the contract for Louis Vuitton flagship store at Marina Bay Sands, becoming one of the two certified vendors for LVMH to supply and install timber flooring for all its stores worldwide!

Keeping up with the trend of going green, Wood Doctor is pleased to introduce our Green Label product: Heveatech Decking. This Decking is derived from Hevea wood which is treated in phenol to be a termite-proof product making it a perfect choice for outdoor decking. It can also withstand water, heat and cracking.

We pride ourselves for giving good services to our clients at competitive rates. We are looking forward to hearing from you and please call our numbers for further information

Wood Doctor's awards:-

2006 Singapore Promising Brand Award Winner

2007 Singapore Prestige Brand Award (Overall Winner, SPBA Promising Brand)

2007 Enterprise 50 Winner

2006 to 2009 Small & Medium Enterprise 500 Company

What makes us different?

Our expertise

Wood Doctor focuses on having the best and most efficient facilities, process and people. Inspections were conducted to further ensure that all floors were perfectly installation to reach full expectations of our customers. Our process of excellent work starts right from understanding the needs of customers, to procurement, quality assurance, skilled work force and a set of environmental friendly systems and technology.

Our workmanship

We believe in only using the right components, the right system and only skilled labour for your job.

Useful Information

Going Green

Wood Doctor is proud to be part of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). We have FSC accredited sources, demonstrating our commitment to the environment.

Moving away from the dusty household and commercial areas during the sanding of all floors, our company adds another product to the environmentally friendly timber flooring system. Working with Bona, we introduced the new Dust Containment System (DCS). The DCS uses a powerful vacuum system which ensures that no dust is allowed to escape during the entire sanding process. This ensures that the natural beauty of timber floors is enhanced while protecting the well being of the workers and home owners.

Further enhancing our commitment, water base coatings were used during all works to ensure no toxic fumes and odor of oil base coatings were avoided. All our products used are mark with GREENGUARDED and the Green Label.




Light, airy, open-space living. This minimalist concept is fast gaining popularity in Singapore. The idea of light, bright colors, clean lines and no clutter is attractive in its simplicity, appealing to Singaporeans wishing to come home to an uncomplicated environment.

Timber suitable for this concept:
African Golden Teak, Indonesian/Burmese Teak, American Oak, Canadian Cherry, Amazonian Birch, Maple, Ivorywood, Birch, Ash.

Cozy, comfortable and earthy - leave the concrete jungle for the countryside living. Warm yellow gold squash hues and rich floor tones create and inviting ambience. Definitely a place to have that hot bowl of kway teow soup when the rain is pouring down!

Timber suitable for this concept:
Afrormosia, Kara, Indonesian/Burmese Teak, Ironwood, Blackmosia, Rosewood, Cyprus Pine.

A Retreat at Home
Fun, stylish Perfect for young couples who love to entertain at home. Your living room is transformed into afriendly oasis through soft pastel colours, light accentures and a rich coloured floor. Vegging-out is compulsory.

Afromosia, Brazilian Teak, Kara, Ironwood, Rosewood, Patagonian Walnut, Teak.

For those of you with that daring streak, opt for the Simple, yet Artistic approach. The combination of shapes and splashes of color creates a look vastly different from the conventional home. Your home is a show piece, a great place for house guests and parties galore. There's sample room to sit and relax. Your furniture and fittings will be your topic for the night!

Timber suitable for this concept;
Afrormosia, Teak, European Birch, American Maple, Canadian Cherry, Ivorywood, Amazonian Birch, American Oak, Beech.

It screams Luxury! From its rich, dark and glossy floors, to the cream-coloured leather sofas. Wrought iron glass tables, soft-hued drapes and crystal chandeliers. A raised platform adds a new dimension of space and height. Similar looks can be created using light-coloured flooring and darker furniture.

Timber suitable for this concept:

Afrormosia Brazilian Teak, Kara, Ironwood, Rosewood, Patagonian Walnut, Teak, European Birch, American Maple, Canadian Cherry, Ivorywood, Amazonian Birch.

A taste of the Old World with bright covers designed to give your living space that Antique look. A perfect room for your little one to play in and mess up!

Timber suitable for this concept:

Afrormosia, Brazilian Teak, Kara, Ironwood, Rosewood, Patagonian Walnut, Teak.

Where Traditional meets Modern - the 'opposites attract' concept. In combination with white furniture and fixtures, a total fusion look is achieved.
This play in just three colour- White, Black and Red - creates a stunningly simple yet attractive room. Ceiling lights add to the room's clean lines by eliminating standing fixtures.

Timber suitable for this concept:
Afrormosia, Blackmosia, Kara, Ironwood, Rosewood, Patagonian Walnut, Brazilian Cherry.

The Old Bookman Style- just the place to curl up in an armchair with your favourite book. Wide-width timber sets the tone and atmosphere. Tables, chairs, shelves and floors are all done in timber. All that's left is to find that comfy overstuffed sofa!

Timber suitable for this concept;
Blackmosia, Kara, Ironwood, Rosewood, Patagonian Walnut, Brazilian Cherry, Brazilian Teak, Burmese/Indonesian Teak.

The hi-tech look is in! The lastest gadgets, gizmos and let's not forget that flat-screen plasma TV with surround sound system custom designed for your room.

Timber suitable for this concept:

American Walnut, Indian Rosewood, Amazonian Walnut, Patagonian Walnut, Wenge, Kara, Blackmosia, Ironwood.

Zen(z n) : Chinese Ch'an (from Sanskrit dhyana, "meditation"), important school of Buddhism in Japan that claims to transmit the spirit or essence of Buddhism. To experience enlightenment(bodhi) achieved by Buddha.
Soft lighting enhances the calm, soothing aura created by this flooring. An eclectic choice in furnishings brings out the Zen in you.

Timber suitable for this concept:

American Walnut, Indian Rosewood, Amazonian Walnut, Patagonian Walnut, Wenge, Kara.

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